My Story

It all started about a year after my husband, Carlo, bought a Nikon D-50 slr camera. For the first months after his big purchase, I couldn't quite figure out why he needed such a nice camera when my little digital one was just fine. Oh well, let him have his toys. He likely couldn't understand why I liked to buy so many clothes all the time. Those certainly wouldn't be creating any long term memories. Carlo is very smart. He likes to know how everything works. He learned everything about that camera and took pride in being able to "work" all the features. I used it here and there at first, and quickly discovered that "his" camera was much more fun to use. I found that taking pictures wasn't an obligatory task anymore, it was actually kind of fun! As for all the buttons...forget it. It had an "auto" setting. Who burdens themselves with all those buttons and things if you can just set it to "auto"?! I really started to enjoy being the one behind the camera and before long, I was taking pictures for fun. Sometime later, Jen Fauset, my great friend and amazing photographer, announced a class that she and her photographer friend, Marissa Vargason, would be teaching on SLR cameras, how to use them and take great photos. I had to go. It was fabulous! I found out why people use all those other settings on their cameras. Manual photography could create way better photos! I learned a ton and now just wanted to keep going! I was hooked. The class was a one time thing, but I used what I learned and what Jen would share with me in later discussions and tagging along on shoots of hers, a class from Marissa, lots of research and ongoing practice to continue to improve. Well, my supportive husband not only didn't mind that I was taking over HIS hobby, but for Christmas this year, he bought me a newer, nicer Nikon! He wants me to be happy and to succeed at whatever I choose. Thanks to him for being such a great man! Thanks also to Jen and Marissa for sharing their knowledge with me!

My hope is to brighten the lives of those whom I photograph and to continually improve my skills.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Year in a Flash

This little one year old was such a cutie and the party her parents threw her was incredible! I have to add that I've never seen a one year old who was so appreciative! She smiled and seemed to give everything she received some individual attention. I've included a picture of her that illustrates her delight at receiving a book! It was so fun! I felt like a guest who happened to be a photography enthusiast. Great people and a great party for a darling and loved little girl!

Ali and Her Children

These kids were much like my own...not crazy about sitting still for pictures. They were still very fun and kept my job interesting. :) Ali is an incredible person and mother whom I admire very much. I am so glad I was able to photograph her sweet family!

Friday, June 10, 2011

2 Cute Boys!

These sweet, cute little boys were lots of fun to "hang out" with! Their personalities were as cute as their faces and it was all very enjoyable. I love their blue eyes!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 Darling Children!

I love photographing children! These are some of the cutest, sweetest ones I have occasionally photographed. Beautiful and sweet.

Baby Harper

It's no wonder Harper is gorgeous...take a look at her mother and big sister! She's not fussy, doesn't spit up, has clear skin, etc. That doesn't describe too many tiny babies. Photographing her was really a treat!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Website!

I have finally advanced with technology (a little) and I now have a photography website!
Take a look and see if you or anyone you know is on there!
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Thanks for your friendship and support!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Harrison

I'm not sure I've ever seen a newborn baby quite this handsome! If the mother resembles me at all (if you think so, thank you), it's because she's my cousin. Anyway, it was so nice doing these pictures and I hope you can see the good looks and amazing alertness of this baby!