My Story

It all started about a year after my husband, Carlo, bought a Nikon D-50 slr camera. For the first months after his big purchase, I couldn't quite figure out why he needed such a nice camera when my little digital one was just fine. Oh well, let him have his toys. He likely couldn't understand why I liked to buy so many clothes all the time. Those certainly wouldn't be creating any long term memories. Carlo is very smart. He likes to know how everything works. He learned everything about that camera and took pride in being able to "work" all the features. I used it here and there at first, and quickly discovered that "his" camera was much more fun to use. I found that taking pictures wasn't an obligatory task anymore, it was actually kind of fun! As for all the buttons...forget it. It had an "auto" setting. Who burdens themselves with all those buttons and things if you can just set it to "auto"?! I really started to enjoy being the one behind the camera and before long, I was taking pictures for fun. Sometime later, Jen Fauset, my great friend and amazing photographer, announced a class that she and her photographer friend, Marissa Vargason, would be teaching on SLR cameras, how to use them and take great photos. I had to go. It was fabulous! I found out why people use all those other settings on their cameras. Manual photography could create way better photos! I learned a ton and now just wanted to keep going! I was hooked. The class was a one time thing, but I used what I learned and what Jen would share with me in later discussions and tagging along on shoots of hers, a class from Marissa, lots of research and ongoing practice to continue to improve. Well, my supportive husband not only didn't mind that I was taking over HIS hobby, but for Christmas this year, he bought me a newer, nicer Nikon! He wants me to be happy and to succeed at whatever I choose. Thanks to him for being such a great man! Thanks also to Jen and Marissa for sharing their knowledge with me!

My hope is to brighten the lives of those whom I photograph and to continually improve my skills.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday Eve.

This was such a cute little family with their little dog, Mikey! Crystal told me that Mikey was there before their daughter so he belonged in the pictures too. So cute!!! It was a pleasure to meet them and their sister who came to assist...that was awesome! Thanks to all of you!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday threatened to be rainy, but fortunately it stayed dry! I'm so glad it did. This family was very cute and nice. I really enjoyed meeting them and spending a little time with them! I love how glamorous Stacey (the mom) is!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Melanie, Doug, Cyrus and Colby

Melanie, Doug and their dogs (sorry if I misspelled their names) were totally delightful and so much fun!
Except for my own dog, I don't have much experience with photographing them. Fortunately, I got some good ones! Their dogs are part of their family, just like mine is a part of mine. I love other dog lovers! Thanks for this fun experience!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Darling Little Sloane

Sloane's older brother is on Thomas' soccer team. I've admired her since the minute I saw her. Not only is she beautiful, but a happy and sweet little girl as well! I was so happy to have the opportunity to photograph her. She is adorable through and through.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Dear, Lovely, Cousin Elisabeth and 2 Beautiful Children

It had been probably years since I'd seen my "little" cousin, Elisabeth! (She's obviously quite a bit younger than I am) It was great to see her again and those darling kids! They were a pure delight to be with! Ellie, so feminine and sweet, and William, so cute and funny! Thanks, Elisabeth!

Beautiful Sarah

We just met up for lunch. She looked so cute that I told her I just had to take a few pictures. You can't have that cute of a look wasted! Her plan was to go back home and continue taking care of her 5, yes 5, children! To say she has a lot going for her is definitely an understatement! Sarah, these could be your senior (high school) pictures! You look amazing!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 shots for fun

"Malia, come out here for a second!"
"I just want to take a picture of you in the grass."
"I'll give you a treat."
"Ok, let me get my shoes."

It was short and sweet.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 Great Kids!

Today, I got to take pictures for my wonderful friend from college. It was awesome seeing her again and meeting her 5 kids! They were all so nice and fun to be around! Thanks!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just for Kicks

You may have figured out that the warm(er) weather has me very interested in taking more pictures! Malia had a play date scheduled with her friend, so we had a little photo shoot. It was little. Kids at play do NOT like to stop for pictures! I need to get her with each of her friends and do a shoot. These last 2 friends showed up just as I was in the mood to photograph!